8 C’s of History

8 C's BlogIn nearly 35 years of ministry in which I’ve been fairly active evangelistically, one of the challenges I’ve found in teaching folks about God is to help them see the connected-ness of God’s Story.  How does it all tie together? Do the stories of Genesis 1-11 really have anything to do with Jesus or the Gospels?  How do the events of Israel’s history fit with the rest of the New Testament? It’s important to help those who aren’t particularly familiar with the Bible to see that this volume of 66 individual books and letters really does have one overall theme.

I just finished up a series of messages here at NCC that helps to accomplish that specific goal and answer the above noted questions. During these eight weeks we worked our way through the story of the Bible, from beginning to end, Genesis to Revelation. In doing so, myself and two others on our teaching team broke down the story of history into eight smaller stories. We focused on the one thread that ties it all together.

The idea for this series came from Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis ministry. Ken identified and has taught on the seven C’s of History. I chose to add an additional C.

The one thread that ties together Genesis to Revelation is God’s desire to be with us.

Everything God did, from his decision to create the universe, through his responses to humanities rebellion, including the incarnation of Christ, his death and resurrection, is grounded in his desire to be with us. Everything he continues to do together with the events that will complete history, revolves arounds his ultimate desire to be with us. It’s all about the relationship God wants to have with his creation.

If you are a pastor of a church, I encourage you to consider teaching a series like The Eight C’s of History. One of our senior adult members emailed me the Monday after I presented the last message. She simply wrote, “That was an excellent series of sermons.  I especially liked the last one because it was full of hope and joy.”

The Eight C’s include:

  • Creation
  • Corruption
  • Chaos
  • Confusion
  • Cycles
  • Christ
  • Cross
  • Consummation

If I repeat this series sometime in the future, I would consider a ninth C and teach about the Church between the Cross and Consummation.

If you aren’t a pastor but just want to help people to see how the Bible is one story about God’s desire to be with his people, I suggest you do a personal study of the Bible with these ideas in mind to equip yourself to help others recognize that they are an object of God’s love and He desires to be with them forever.

Click Here to go to the resource page where you can download the transcripts of the messages from this series. Note: the messages on Creation and Christ were written by my sermon writing partner. You can also Click Here to view each message via video.

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