An Average Mic

IMG_0538Thanks for taking time to read this blog. Let me say upfront that I’m a pretty average guy. I’ve been a pastor all my adult life and I don’t pastor a huge church. Heck I don’t even pastor a medium size church according to the metrics we throw around in church work. I think I’ve done a lot of things right in life and too many things wrong. This blog is going to focus primarily on matters of life and ministry where I have some experience that perhaps will help someone that reads this blog.

So let me tell you a bit more about me then you will read on the About page.

I’m passionate about a number of things- and it’s those things that will compose the primary topics I address on this blog.

My first passions are God, Jesus and His Church so I plan to make available a ton of ministry materials I’ve developed over the past 30 years that might be a help to a young pastor or even a seasoned veteran like myself.

I’m also passionate about my role as a husband and a dad (and hopefully a grandpa someday soon) so I’ll write some stuff that I think can help men be better dads and husbands.

I am really into (but in no particular order) my dog Baxter, the NY Mets, exercise, financial stability and keeping my lawn green. So I’ll share some thoughts and helpful hints about some of these things as well.

What you won’t find here is any political postings or heavy theological treatises. Sure Mom always told me that you should never talk about politics or religion, but that’s not why I decided to not write on these topics.  I’ll pass on politics because there are enough people out there ranting and raving about stuff and I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t add much to any argument. And I’ll pass on the heavy theology because while I do have a Master’s Degree in Systematic Theology, there are some amazing Bible Scholars and Theologians that already write blogs who are way smarter then I am and way better thinkers. I’ll leave the heavy lifting to them.

So that ‘s about it.  An average blog from an average mic. Thanks for coming on the ride with me.

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